2020 Edition of The Art of Tendering: A Global Due Diligence Guide

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The Art of Tendering: A Global Due Diligence Guide is the third installment in a trilogy of practical procurement manuals written by Paul Emanuelli. Prepared exclusively in eBook format, this new work spans over 1,900 pages covering leading public procurement practices from a global perspective in the areas of institutional governance, project governance, tendering formats, document drafting, bidding risks, contract management, training, and innovation. Featuring 1,500 pages of brand new content from his most recent research, along with updated content incorporated from Accelerating the Tendering Cycle (2012, 271 pages) and The Laws of Precision Drafting (2009, 190 pages), this new publication serves as a comprehensive consolidation of Paul Emanuelli’s leading research and best practices. The 2020 edition will include the following updated content:

  • the latest round of case law decisions and public audit reports from around the world, including new case law from the EU, UK, Ireland, and the South Pacific, as well as an update on the decades-deep Canadian, US, and Caribbean content contained in the current edition; and
  • a summary of the new statutory and regulatory frameworks in Australia and New Zealand

The Format

This critical reference work is available at individual and institutional rates, with discounts available to purchasers for future annual updates. The environmentally friendly eBook format features advanced electronic search functions, easy-to-read text and graphics, and allows you to print content as required. Subscribing to optional annual updates allows you to also benefit from the seamless integration of new content without the trouble of traditional manual loose-leaf services.

What is in The Art of Tendering?

This encyclopedic new publication includes the following content:

  • A synthesis of the global trade treaties, statutory structures, case law trends, and audit benchmarks shaping the common core global standards that regulate public sector procurement, with recommendations on how to conduct institutional reviews and implement updated policies and procedures to achieve compliance with those standards;
  • A comprehensive survey of recent public procurement case law and public audits from across the Commonwealth, including leading case studies from the United Kingdom and European Union, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Africa, the Pacific, and the Caribbean;
  • A summary of recent procurement case studies from across the United States, along with decades-deep coverage of case law from the federal Government Accountability Office, New York State Comptroller, and Florida Division of Administrative Hearings;
  • Practical recommendations and guidelines on how to meet the challenges of project governance, including proper project planning and implementation practices, along with the use of advanced tendering formats and advanced professional drafting techniques to organize your solicitation drafting team;
  • An analysis of the key contract design factors that should inform your project teams in implementing the appropriate contract management strategies and selecting the appropriate contracting formats;
  • Critical insights on leading project teams in complex commercial negotiations using the negotiated RFP formats recognized by international procurement standards; and
  • Recommendations on how to lead advanced training and innovation initiatives within public institutions.

Procurement Publishing Office, 2020
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Government Procurement

by Paul Emanuelli

In his leading source on Canadian government procurement cited across industry, the legal profession, and the courts, author Paul Emanuelli strips away the complexities of procurement issues for public institutions and their private sector suppliers.

This reference work provides a comprehensive review of Canadian government procurement case law and provides practical considerations for dealing with the challenges of public sector procurement at all levels of government across Canada.

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Lexis-Nexis Canada, 2017, 4th edition
1,552 Pages
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