Advanced Drafting Platforms

Learn how we can help you implement and execute procurement process improvements.

Project Hot Launch

While technology will never allow us to replace human intelligence with procurement automation, it can make the difference between success and failure in your major projects.  If you’re looking to leverage the 20/20 vision of strategic wisdom and applied technology, our SWAT Team’s seven-step Project Hot Launch Service provides the right formula for delivering on time and on budget:

  1. Automated RFX Design
  2. Automated RFX Drafting and Assembly
  3. RFX Posting, Pre-Bid Q&As and Electronic Bid-Receipt
  4. Automated Compliance Screening and Consensus Scoring
  5. Final Evaluations and Rankings (Optional CCMs and BAFOs)
  6. Contract Award Negotiations
  7. Executive Briefing and Contract Award

The Procurement Office leverages leading technologies, including our proprietary Orbidder drafting system, along with a carefully selected set of industry leading bid-evaluation platforms, and combines those tools with the strategic wisdom gained through decades of project experience. By taking care of the technology and guiding you through RFX drafting, Q&As, electronic bid-receipt, automated consensus scoring, online reverse auctions, and advanced contract award negotiations, we can help navigate your projects from the drawing room to the contract award boardroom with unprecedented speed and precision.

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Advanced Negotiations Services

Take advantage of our Advanced Negotiations Services, and let our specially trained negotiation team lead your contract award negotiations or provide strategic assistance and support to your negotiating team.

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